So here’s my attempt at the Flying She Devils Insignia from “Atomic Robo Volume 7: The Flying She Devils of the Pacific.”  It was kind of difficult because of how tiny the references (shown below) are.  I actually did this back in April but only got around to inking it today.  My version has some issues (not terribly happy with her torso) but I think its pretty ok overall (am proud of her jetpack). 

Also her eyes have no pupils because every time I tried to add them it ended up looking creepy (and not like “strike fear into the hearts of your enemies,” just regular creepy).  If I ever color this I would have her eyes be some kind of glowy color or something.  I like this insignia a lot and might try again sometime (better torso needed! *fist shake*). 

Anyway, anyone who hasn’t should read Atomic Robo (and oh hey look, there’s free to read 1 shots online under the “free comics section”).